Fight me! I’m Irish! (at least partially) I know its a St Patty’s day shirt, but I felt green that day. Paid something stupid like $3 for this one, and its one if the heavier shirts. Good deal, absorbs Guinness better that way.

Well, its been long overdue to post, but here is number 100! A classic GI Joe logo from the original 12 inch action figures. I think I got this in college from Matt, so its at least 12 years old :)

The post office sent me this free, because I said I was interested in “green”mailings. They then proceeded to send me 5x the normal amount of junk mail i get, regarding “green” mailings….. ah irony. green.

Cute cute lil kittens. Playing. Cute kittens playing. Cute kittens playing with a live grenade. Threadless. I actually wore this to the airport once, kinda on accident. green (olive)