I think I’ve done it again. The Dragon is approaching. And I have local friends that I did’t hang out with since the last one. Maybe an event here or there I saw them. I saw you. But not like we hung out. This kind of thing makes me disappointedContinue Reading

Whats better? Someone who makes their life from reporting on superheroes and life; or someone that makes superheroes their life? One is way harder. You can write. You can draw. You can ink. You can color. Easy. You can put this heroes skin on every day? Crazy. Seriously. Crazy. ButContinue Reading

The waves are finally healed enough to get a good picture: Life, the universe and everything. As represented by squirrel family tree, water, and a squirrel respectively. Had the squirrel, chakik updated, added the tree (scientific squirrel family tree) and waves. :) Waves are a complete band around my arm,Continue Reading