Connie and I have returned safe and sound from our 3rd, and the 9th annual MINIs on the Dragon in the mountains of North Carolina/Tennessee. Pictures to come shortly, still decompressing and cleaning things up. Connie was perfect the entire trip, from the 10 hour drive down, the high speedContinue Reading

Minis on the Dragon 8, from this years MOTD. Has a cool illustration on the back. Maybe I’ll take another pic, since I am wearing it right now!

Tshirt 005. 2010 MINIs on the Dragon Brew Swap Shirt. Sponsored by the amazing

Detroit Tuned Rocks. Go buy some MINI stuff from him because Chad kicks ass. Fixed my exhaust rattle today and its like a new car.

Almost forgot to post this one. Michigan Mini Motoring Club with a nice embroidered R52 logo Blue