Its that time again. Time to wear and document all my Tshirts. I have many new ones and many old ones for the 3 of you that follow this blog. Shirt 001 – “I can has nets” from

This time and place seem to pass so transiently a tiny target. something so small. what if you are aiming at it all along? Squirrels have the best tails in the entire animal kingdom.

Why is this the first I’ve heard of Squirrel Appreciation Day? (thanks Lee for your facebook post) And it only seems very appropriate and a bit spooky that it falls on the 21st. :) So Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day. Go give them some pecans. Top 5 web squirrels Squirrel AppreciationContinue Reading

The waves are finally healed enough to get a good picture: Life, the universe and everything. As represented by squirrel family tree, water, and a squirrel respectively. Had the squirrel, chakik updated, added the tree (scientific squirrel family tree) and waves. :) Waves are a complete band around my arm,Continue Reading