2011 T-Shirt Off has reached its inevitable conclusion. Since July 25, 2011 I have been wearing a different shirt every day, culminating with all my squirrel shirts (apparently 30) I saved “The Squirrel” for last and here it is. [singlepic id=581 w=100 h=75 ] The final results have not beenContinue Reading

I have less t-shirts then previously reported. If you look at the numbering, we skipped most of the 30s. So I think I may actually have 100 even (we were at 110 with the latest from christmas) Still way too many. Also my camera died. This makes me very sad.

GD+G got this for me for christmas. It instantly made it in my top 10 favorites. Here’s why: Puffy ink “DETROIT” and a sweet ass image of half battle damaged optimus prime. Nice autobot logo on the back too. And it came with a pin, like a shark tooth, orContinue Reading