Paul Revers’s ride. One if by… HOLY SHIT ITS A GIANT FUCKING BRITISH ROBOT! JESUS! I’m paraphrasing here, but I’m guessing thats about how it went down. Threadless recent purchase.

Put on your 3D glasses now! From threadless. The 3D works, but not the great.

16. Not even cracking the egg yet. “Zoo Escape” not the right title im sure, a threadless one, with an ‘almost’ squirrel. On the balloon. It’s more a chipmunk than a squirrel but close enough for shirts.

Tshirt 014: “Carbon” from Another favorite, its starting to wear too. Love this color shirt.

Shirt 007 (james bond, i should have planned ahead) Panda’s Revenge, not the right title. From Threadless. One of my favorites.