Cute cute lil kittens. Playing. Cute kittens playing. Cute kittens playing with a live grenade. Threadless. I actually wore this to the airport once, kinda on accident. green (olive)

Ok so #35 isn’t really attacking, he’s sleeping with his teddy bear. This is one of my favorites. Brown, from threadless Sorry for this weeks pics my iPhone camera kinds sucks

#34 stange sky creatures thing with a hand shirt . From threadless. Brown. Had to put it back on for the pic

A squirrel shirt. Nut robbery. Threadless. Gray. these posts feel so hollow. who cares how many shirts I have? this whole project was Shawna’s thought. Which makes it that much harder to do. But of all the things I’ve not finished, this will not be one of them. I willContinue Reading

We are all made of carbon. A threadless favorite. Guess what, its blue! In other news, I have an appointment tomorrow at 3:30 to ruin my arm :) I’m actually really excited about it.