Whats better? Someone who makes their life from reporting on superheroes and life; or someone that makes superheroes their life? One is way harder. You can write. You can draw. You can ink. You can color. Easy. You can put this heroes skin on every day? Crazy. Seriously. Crazy. ButContinue Reading

a flower trusts its seed to the wind and the unknown faith in the delivery of reproduction. mankind fears the ease of this and reproduces our own destruction

Why HAL sings daisy bell in 2001. This correlation, coincidence, randomness nonrandom is slightly unsettling. You’ll look sweet, upon a seat, of a bicycle built for to. There are some things in my life now that are intrinsically tied to other things. This is one that was simply a songContinue Reading

Everything has a cycle. Life, the earth, sun, moon, sky. All of it. Simplicity in a sin wave. If it wasn’t for the fat squirrel on my calendar I’d say I was at the bottom of a cycle now. The house I get to keep, if only my mind andContinue Reading