Perhaps Grimace from the last group should have started this one, but he seemed a good transition from meat to mythology. A few of these might be a stretch, but they didn’t really fit anywhere else. [nggallery id=11]

This group is mostly themeless. Kinda the in betweens before I decided on the next theme. Detroit Tuned should have really been in the Dragon group, and not sure why an Iron Maiden made it here, I was going to give them their own group. Oh well, enjoy the random.Continue Reading

The annual tradition of wearing each of my T-shirts once until I run out is well under way (todays shirt is number 51) Since I haven’t been posting daily, I thought I’d at least go back and add the shirts by categories. The first group in this years campaign wasContinue Reading

Minis on the Dragon 8, from this years MOTD. Has a cool illustration on the back. Maybe I’ll take another pic, since I am wearing it right now!