IRON MAIDEN! Don’t Walk! Only my second Iron Maiden shirt EVER. I know crazy? I need to post the other one, it was one that got skipped. Features a sweet image of Eddie on a motorcycle, that you cant see because I’m posing coolly.

Technically its not fully a tshirt. Misha’s Mess logo from my Doghouse Fantasy Football League team. Features a logo I created based on my original Dog – Joshua’s Michigan Winter. She was a good girl.

Another one that my brother gave me. Skyline Chili, another restaurant he loves. I have to admit i like Del Taco better than Skyline. Which works out good, since I can walk to a Del Taco, and the nearest Skyline is several hundred miles. :)

what the web can be. (or Eliya and my modified slogan – what the web is for) I miss that kid. San Francisco was a great time. This shirt is from that era obviously. It was a scavenge from the Creative Services pile, which is why its so big. WTWIF!!!

Another one that didn’t exist in the shirt library at the beginning of this quest. From Woot. Yay Taco!