IRON MAIDEN! Don’t Walk! Only my second Iron Maiden shirt EVER. I know crazy? I need to post the other one, it was one that got skipped. Features a sweet image of Eddie on a motorcycle, that you cant see because I’m posing coolly.

Technically its not fully a tshirt. Misha’s Mess logo from my Doghouse Fantasy Football League team. Features a logo I created based on my original Dog – Joshua’s Michigan Winter. She was a good girl.

Another one that my brother gave me. Skyline Chili, another restaurant he loves. I have to admit i like Del Taco better than Skyline. Which works out good, since I can walk to a Del Taco, and the nearest Skyline is several hundred miles. :)

what the web can be. (or Eliya and my modified slogan – what the web is for) I miss that kid. San Francisco was a great time. This shirt is from that era obviously. It was a scavenge from the Creative Services pile, which is why its so big. WTWIF!!!